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Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully ​administering God's grace in its various forms.     

1 Peter 4:10

This is a Kingdom Business

We have given this business to the Lord and it is His. 

"Whatever you do, work at it with your whole heart, as working for the Lord, not for men..." 

Colossians 3:23


Coach Megan- Tumbling Director

[email protected]

832-228-1903 (text)



TUMBLING CLINICS (Text Coach Kyle at 832-449-9596 to register!)

**Back Handspring Clinic: Saturday, December 11, 2021 10am-12am

**Back Tuck Clinic: Saturday, February 5, 2022 10am-12am

🤸‍♀️ Our Tumbling Academy is for all athletes, beginner to elite- recreational to competitive! Whether your child wants to join a competitive cheer gym one day, try out for school cheer, or just learn to tumble because it is FUN, we teach them the skills they need with the technique needed to keep them safe and progressing!

Levels 1A & 1B is for our beginner tumblers starting at age 5, there is no experience required for these levels. Level 1A & 1B will go through all basic tumbling skills to prepare for the next level.

Levels 2A & 2B are the next level from level 1. In Level 2A & 2B students start learning their back-handspring and learning how to put it all together. It is essential students know their Level 1 skills before moving up to level 2.

Levels 3+ are our elite levels. In these levels, the sky is the limit. This level is for those kiddos wanting to tumble like Coach Kyle Springer! Levels 1 & 2 help prepare our students for these levels and get them tumbling like elites.

Cheer Prep is a 6-8 week program specifically for those who are wanting to tryout for school or competitive cheer. This class will condition athletes and improve skills needed for tryouts while perfecting their tryout performance giving them the confidence they need to go out and perform to the best of their ability at tryouts.


$75.00 REGISTRATION FEE (includes shirt)

$100.00 FAMILY REGISTRATION FEE (includes shirts)

$75.00 PER MONTH

If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL CLASS please call us today or Register Online!


Registration & Schedule

Our tumbling program is set up by skill levels. The class names are the skill goals of each class and explain what that class will be focusing on. However, the class is not limited to only that skill as it will explore many combinations and foundations of the skill. When you have mastered the goal skill of the class, you will be invited by your instructor to advance up to the next level. Just like our gymnastics programs, our tumbling programs are set up to encourage optimal skill growth so that every child has a chance to learn skills and exceed their personal tumbling goals!

** For clarification- Tumbling classes only consist of floor and Tumble-trak skill development. Gymnastics consists of the use of equipment such as uneven bars, balance beam, still rings, pommel horse, parallel bars, etc)**

The tumbling Levels are as follows:

Beginner Tumbling:

  • Levels 1A & Level 1B

Skills consisting of forward/backward rolls, variations of cartwheels, round-offs, front & back walkovers, and walkover series!

**Level 1A is a class designed for the athlete's first experience with tumbling.

**Level 1B is a class designed for athletes who have tumbled before but have not quite mastered all the Level 1 skills required to move up to Level 2A class.

Intermediate Tumbling:

  • Level 2A skills consist of the above skills and will learn back handspring drills, front handsprings, standing back handsprings and round off back handsprings.
  • Level 2B skills consist of all above and students will learn handspring series.

Advanced Tumbling:

  •  Level 3 skills consist of front & back tucks and back tuck series


  • Levels 4 & 5 skills consist of whips, punch front series, layouts, fulls and more advanced combinations